Collection: Chasubles

Chasubles That Celebrate Life

Chasubles are outermost vestments worn by the officiating priest during Mass. More than just de rigueur church regalia, they are worthy vestments for celebrating the life-giving banquet that is the Eucharist. Handmade Chasubles primarily for Roman Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran Churches.

We at Churchings, understand the importance and symbolism of these holy garments while clergy members performing their consecrated duties.

That’s why we offer premium quality chasubles available in a wonderful palette of colors for you to choose from. Our exquisite chasubles are crafted from the best fabrics available, and we assure you that our finely made chasubles are a union of great design, with maximum comfort and durability, as well as their affordability.

When you're officiating mass services or celebrating the Eucharist, make sure you get the best chasuble possible to wear for the occasion. Get the perfect chasuble from Churchings today!